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Fiber network covering the northern Europe

Use the fiber backbone to build your own infrastructure network with full control of the equipment, capacity and performance. We offer both our fully own private fiber network, and fiber from our regional parts to professional customers such as Carriers, Operators or other clients demanding a physical private network. The network reaches all major cities in the northern Europe region. Each fiber carries only your traffic and gives you freedom to decide how to build your network and reach the region.

Leasing options
Multiple financing options available. Choose between a more traditional monthly recurrent based charge, prepaid lease or IRUs.

Technical information
Single mode fiber, ITU-T G.652 or ITU-T G.655
Available interface types SC/UPC, SC/APC
Max attenuation
– 0,40 dB/km for 1310 nm
– 0,25 dB/km for 1550 nm
Repeater stations (ILA/Re-Gen stations) are available at approx. every 80 km along the entire fiber network

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