– GlobalConnect Carrier and ConnectiviTree enters long-term agreement to offer connectivity services in Northern Europe

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Digital infrastructure provider GlobalConnect Carrier has entered into an agreement with ConnectiviTree to deliver Dark Fiber network, Long Haul and Access services in Northern Europe. ConnectiviTree will provide value added services on the top towards its customers.

“We are excited to be working with GlobalConnect Carrier in the Nordic region as our first carrier channel partner. They bring an unmatched and extensive fiber network footprint, providing up to four diverse routes into main hubs in Northern Europe. With this agreement, we look forward to offering multiple-redundant routes and multiple access points in all major cities around the globe with high security, high availability, and low latency”, says ConnectiviTree CEO, Dietrich Schwarzinger.

GlobalConnect Carrier operates a fully owned ducted and optical fiber network, connecting cities and datacenters all over the Nordics and Northern Europe. Together with ConnectiviTree, GlobalConnect Carrier plans to provide capacity services in Europe and Overseas.

“We are happy to enter into this agreement with ConnectiviTree, to create a strong international offering delivering Dark Fiber and providing Long Haul and Access services in and out of Northern Europe. This is another important proof point for GlobalConnect Carrier being the leading Carrier in the Nordics as we want to provide the backbone network to Carriers and OTT players in the region, supporting the industry and running the network”, says Pär Jansson, Head of Sales GlobalConnect Carrier.

The GlobalConnect and ConnectiviTree agreement also includes a long-term commitment to future cooperation, such as new data center projects in the Nordics, and expansion into additional geographical areas. The independent and neutral data transport network provider ConnectiviTree will provide value added long-haul connectivity services to GlobalConnect Carrier to support a more diverse global reach for GlobalConnect Carrier customers.